Wednesday, 16 November 2022

East Ash – Ellie

East Ash is a band with a sound, a band that was all about a moment in the lives of a few people, a chemistry experiment that worked perfectly just one time, a reaction that could never occur again. If any band earned the title of local heroes in the late 1980s in Columbia, it was East Ash. The band formed in 1985 and, by the end of the decade, had gained a large local following with their atmospheric, melodic art rock with live shows involving anything from props to a Tom Jones impersonator, the music still seemed the main focus both live and on the band's two albums, "Crushing A Flood" and "Ellie". It was widely believed in local music circles that East Ash was the band from Columbia that would make it on some level. Unfortunately, even though they managed to draw healthy crowds to The Blue Note, a reluctance to do major touring and interband tensions got in the way of their potential. Helicopter guitars, awash in reverb, cough out lines that range from purely percussive to soaring and melodic. Singer Jeff Rogers accompanies himself on an evil-sounding fretless bass, and sings in an anguished wolf-howl. The band has many moods, all of them slow tempo they are incredibly sinister. Up-tempo, they're downright scary, careening along behind Don Cizek's obsessive, manic drumming and the wild guitar extrapolations. Unfortunately this album doesn't hang together like "Crushing A Flood". Find that one first for the undiluted version.

Buy the album, turn it up to '11', and think about what 'might have been' if just one or two things had fallen their way.

Ripped to MP3 @ 320kbps

1.     Northpole Butterfly

2.     The Alone Song

3.     Break Your Back

4.     Epic Sex Bombing

5.     Funk Opera

6.     Strangers On A Train (Part 1)

7.     Green Chevy

8.     Nobody

9.     Virgil Who?

10.   No. 1 Man

11.   Push

12.   Strangers On A Train (Part 2)





  1. Great post my friend AJ, seems you enjoyed that first album like I did (BTW anyone reading if link is down I can post it again at downunderground blogspot dotcom (jk!!) . com at any rate I am looking forward to another treasure from the band from Missoooouri!!

    1. Frankly I wouldn't spit on a good lossless rip!

  2. Good to see your taste again posting this kind of stuff.
    Cheers Man!!

  3. Nice to see you back again, glad to hear things are on the up. Thanks for the East Ash share, didn't know the band till now. Cheers AJ.

  4. Fantastic ! Too bad the version is in MP3.
    But a big thank you!

  5. Thanks very much.

  6. AJ, after a splurge of activity in early November, you've gone scarily quiet! I truely hope that you are just stepping back. If you feel up to it could you please let everybody know that you're ok? Cheers mate.

    1. Thanks RP, I am here (or here-abouts), I just came back too early

    2. Thanks for the reply my friend. Take it easy and sorry for being a father hen!