Listen To The Silence

Don't get me wrong The Doll did not make the best music of the punk/post-punk era, but this compilation is well worthy of a quick download. The included booklet contains probably the only known retrospective of the bands career by Paul Connolly. Their edgy debut Don't Tango On My Heart and it’s B’side Trash is a classic of its time that was been sadly overlooked. So it was a huge surprise when the bands next single Desire Me marked such a huge change in direction. Synths took over from guitars, but the track surprisingly made it into the Top 30 and led to an appearance on Top of the Pops. Attempts to become the British Blondie, like their contemporaries The Photos, had failed. The release of several enjoyable but infinitely forgettable singles was not a good enough foundation for a successful career. To compound this, the debut album took ages to be released completely missing out on any pick up from Desire Me being a hit. So what do we have here? Well, there are 32 tracks over two discs with their debut album on Disc 1, but it is Disc 2 that should grab your attention. Several excellent songs, some appearing in multiple versions (demos and 12” mixes), suggest success was possibly just around the corner. But, it's the less memorable early synth pop, which makes it clear why The Doll ended up amongst the also rans. That said, for a truer picture of how the late 70s moved away from the raw sound of Punk, this is an essential and worthwhile collection.

Ripped from the 2011 Cherry Red compilation double CD to deep husky MP3 @ 320kbps

The Doll; Listen To The Silence

1.      The One Kiss
2.      Zero Heroes
3.      Ce Soir, Cheri
4.      Cinderella With A Husky Voice
5.      Memories
6.      You Used To Be My Hero
7.      True Love
8.      Frozen Fire
9.      Carmina
10.   Listen To The Silence
11.   Something Rare, Something Beautiful
Disc 2
1.      Don’t Tango On My Heart
2.      Trash
3.      Desire Me
4.      TV Addict
5.      Burning Up Like A Fire
6.      Desire Me (Extended Version)
7.      Because Now
8.      True Love (Demo)
9.      You Used To Be My Hero (Demo)
10.   Is That You In A Silver Tie (Demo)
11.   Passion For Fashion (Demo)
12.   Comix  (Demo)
13.   Stay Here Forever [Because Now] (Demo)
14.   Desire Me (Demo)
15.   The One Kiss (Demo)
16.   Ce Soir, Cheri (Demo)
17.   Memories (Demo)
18.   Dancing In My Dreams (Demo)
19.   Watch Me Shed A Tear (Demo)
20.   Our Last Goodbye (Demo)
21.   Trash (Streets Version)



  1. Thanks, downloading and addition to "The Queue".

  2. Jumping ahead the aforementioned "Queue" New Model Army's new opus (out today).

    1. Use to be a huge NMA fan back in the day, always sounded
      great live. That bass playing in the earlier days is
      - Timebender

    2. Yeah l also was a huge fan but not so much now.

  3. Thanks AJ, surprised they had this much output for this
    size of a compilation.

    - Timebender

    1. Loads of demo's explains it, cheers!
      - Timebender

    2. Yeah demos as opposed to live might be a sign of their limited opportunities to get out and play gigs. There’s a couple more singles still to come and then they will be done.

  4. Thanks for The Doll!
    On more of a 'minimal synth' theme, any chance of posting Andre Szigethy (1983), Monitor (1981), El Deux - Computermädchen/ Gletscher (1982) or Tres - Smile on My Face/Operator (1985)?
    Thanks in advance!