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The “Why Haven’t I Heard This” Collection

More subversive than Vi Subversa? It’s doubtful that anything could be more subversive than aunty Vi, but we like to kid ourselves along that we are actually doing it! With the old school musicians union getting their collective knickers in a twist because of ol Gazza Numans synths replacing musicians (not actually realising that behind every synth stood a band member) while the darker side of electronic music tried to kill off all drummers. Now that is pretty subversive when the drummer was considered the beating heart of any band (and the only member to bum cigs off). The one member of the band who didn’t make it with the groupies after the show should be shown some respect, but probably not in this, the second instalment of 26 bangin’ classics from the land that time forgot.

This time we are serenaded from below the open window by;

Nyam Nyam
Paper Faces
Dalek I Love You
Near Paris
The Bridge
Vice Versa

Go ON! You know this might be considered deviant in some cultures


  1. Thanks for the second installment.
    - Timebender

  2. That Trisomie 21 track kill me in total form!
    In tandem with Secrets (Until December) straight to All Timers Playlist!

  3. Dalek I meet Wiseblood - that'll do me! Cheers. J in Liverpool