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It might have come to your attention that I'm not a regular poster of love and understanding, which you will just have to get used to. I will however, have bursts of creativity where I move completely randomly from post to post with no rhyme or reason. I have recently posted a few singles (7 & 12”) and the odd bootleg which have been received very well by all who visit. More of the same will continue as you, dear readers, seem to be enjoying them.

Some of the rips are my own, but many more are from other blogs and I’m just sharing the wealth. If other bloggers out there wish to share the rips from my posts, please as I do, host them yourself. To combat this, the FLAC files that are over 6 months old will be replaced with MP3 files.

Finally I am happy to re-up old posts where the link has expired. Please comment in the relevant posts comments box.


Fallen Angels

'Fallen Angels' were a 1983 collaboration between Knox of The Vibrators and members of Hanoi Rocks. This slide show is the full promotional photo-shoot done at that time, by Justin Thomas. 'Runaround' is from their self-titled debut album.

Fallen Angels 'Fallen Angels' album - Vibrators' Knox + Hanoi Rocks!

In 1983 Hanoi Rocks were newly signed to CBS Records, and tipped as the next big thing. They found themselves in London with a few weeks off. Meanwhile, Knox from The Vibrators had some great new songs but was kicking his heels whilst his band was taking a break. As they shared a manager, the two problems were easily solved -- record an album together! The pair-up worked wonderfully. The Rocks were long-time fans of the Vibrators, and Knox's songs and style always had an element of the glam-trash rock roots of the Stooges, Velvet Underground and NY Dolls. This unique collaboration is released on CD and download, together with bonus tracks from singles 'Inner Planet Love' and 'Amphetamine Blue'. Although the participants went their own way before any live shows of this line-up could occur, Knox continued with the Fallen Angels name for his solo work, issuing a further two albums 'In Loving Memory' (dedicated to Rocks and Angels' drummer Razzle who died in a Motley Crue car accident) and 'Wheel Of Fortune', which both included guest appearances from various Hanoi Rocks members.

Ripped from another site, and shared here in glorious MP3 @ 320kbps

Fallen Angels – Fallen Angels

1.      Inner Planet Love
2.      Black & White World
3.      Rain Rain Rain
4.      Falling
5.      Runaround
6.      Amphetamine Blue (7” Version)
7.      Cuckoo Land
8.      Kiss It Goodbye
9.      New Society
10.  Straight City
11.  Vipers In The Dark
12.  He’s A Rebel*
13.  Precious Heart*
14.  Partners In Crime*
15.  Houston Tower*
16.  Dagger In My Heart*