Happy Birthday

It's with great thanks to The Post Punk Monk for reminding me about Altered Images. The album Happy Birthday bears little resemblance to the cute and bubbly new wave pop of the Martin Rushent produced title track, for which they're best remembered. Instead producer Steven Severin pushed the band into moodier post-punk territory with minimalist arrangements and simple, driving rhythms. Clair Grogan's little-girl voice was probably better suited to pop, but the combination of the two extremes is certainly interesting, if not as fun and engaging as "Happy Birthday."

Ripped from a well-worn vinyl album to MP3 @ 320kbps

Altered Images; Happy Birthday

A1.  Intro-Happy Birthday
A2.  Love And Kisses
A3.  Real Toys
A4.  Idols
A5.  Legionnaire
A6.  Faithless
A7.  Beckoning Strings
B1.  Happy Birthday
B2.  Midnight
B3.  A Days Wait
B4.  Leave Me Alone
B5.  Insects
B6.  Outro-Happy Birthday



  1. I was introduced to the song Happy Birthday
    from a Wedding Present Peel session. Great song
    and rippin' cover song as well.

    - Timebender

    1. Although I still love Happy Birthday 🥳 it was a stark change of direction with a new producer into the world of pop

  2. Always considered them a poppy nymber. With your description I considered taking a fresh look. Thanks for your advice, cheers from Patagonia Argentina.