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The Young Gods

Even if the uniqueness of the Young Gods' sample-based compositional and playing method of heavy rock wasn't a question, the band's debut would still have caught many a discerning ear. While not consistently strong throughout, this self-titled effort has far more hits than misses to its overall credit. Admittedly, things start off a touch underwhelmingly while a dark mood is immediately established with "Nous De La Lune," with low tolling bell sounds, brutal drumming, riff slabs and Treichler's harsh barking of French lyrics, fans of Einsturzende Neubaten and the Swans both would have found much on offer fairly obvious (certainly the fact that ex-Swans member Roli Mosimann has consistently worked with the band throughout its career as producer and collaborator forced the comparison early on, as did the fact the Young Gods named themselves after a Swans song and album). "Jusqu'au About" takes a far catchier, though hardly poppier turn, and from then on occasional musical cul-de-sacs are shadowed by a series of raging, fierce numbers, with classical and metal guitar samples firing off at each other over stiff drumming throughout. Total standouts include "Jimmy," "Feu," "Si Tu Gardes" and the band's definitive early tune, "Envoye," a barely two-minute-long explosion of percussion, gunshots, a roughly abbreviated hair metal riff and an amazing rant from Treichler. The joker in the pack: a string-sample led version of Gary Glitter's "Did You Miss Me?," aka "Hello Hello (It's Good to be Back)."

Ripped from a surprised 1987 Austrian CD to memorable FLAC

The Young Gods; The Young Gods

1.      Nous De La Lune
2.      Jusqu’au Bout
3.      A Ciel Ouvert
4.      Jimmy
5.      Fais La Mouette
6.      Persussionne
7.      Feu
8.      Did You Miss Me?
9.      Si Tu Gardes
10.   The Irrtum Boys
11.   Envoye
12.   Soul Idiot
13.   C.S.C.L.D.F.