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I Have The Power

Like most of Jello Biafra's work, Lard's songs are angrily political but often have a tinge of humour. Lard, however, stood out a bit for a Jello project. Featuring Ministry's Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker with Jeff Ward on drums, Lard felt more like a real band than a long distance tape swapping affair. 

That said, Lard’s initial EP, The Power of Lard, emphasizes both the good and the bad about Lard. The first two tracks, "The Power of Lard" and "Hellfudge", are both rather good, particularly the groovy "Hellfudge". It demonstrated a style that was more rock than Ministry's general style and a good base for Jello's unique vocal style. But the thirty-one minute "Time To Melt" is a rather misguided song. Featuring very little variation in the riff and plodding tempo, this song truly goes on and on and on. Aside from the members of the band who recorded this track and three diehard Biafra fans, I don't think anyone has ever sat through the entire duration of the song. Actually, I just did while setting up this review and I feel like the last half hour was just robbed from me. You can play almost any one or two minute excerpt from this song and hear all there is to know about it. It foreshadows Ministry's eventual drudgery they released in the mid to late 90s, so be warned.
Fortunately, the first two songs are enjoyable and helped pave the way for the band's monster full length, Last Temptation of Reid, which is still my choice for Jello's best post-Dead Kennedys release. The Power of Lard is worth getting for the first two songs, chances are you'll never sit through the entire "Time to Melt" and your life will be better off for it.

Ripped from a digital source to MP3 @ 320kbps

Lard; The Power Of Lard

1.     The Power Of Lard
2.     Hellfudge
3.     Time To Melt


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