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It might have come to your attention that I'm not a regular poster of love and understanding, which you will just have to get used to. I will however, have bursts of creativity where I move completely randomly from post to post with no rhyme or reason. I have recently posted a few singles (7 & 12”) and the odd bootleg which have been received very well by all who visit. More of the same will continue as you, dear readers, seem to be enjoying them.

Some of the rips are my own, but many more are from other blogs and I’m just sharing the wealth. If other bloggers out there wish to share the rips from my posts, please as I do, host them yourself. To combat this, the FLAC files that are over 6 months old will be replaced with MP3 files.

Finally I am happy to re-up old posts where the link has expired. Please comment in the relevant posts comments box.




Originally formed in Leeds in 1979 and heavily influenced by New Wave and Krautrock, Music For Pleasure signed with Rage Records and released their début single The Human Factor in 1980. Their minimal synthpop is filled out with flourishes of rhythm and synth that reflects Tubeway Army and the pop punk sensibilities of the era. With the second Rage Records single Fuel To The Fire in 1981 a more post punk frame is drawn that shows influences from The Sound. Eventually picked up by Polydor Records the debut album Into The Rain was co-produced by the band and Polydor “In House” production guru Mike Hedges. Proceeded by the single Switchback showing the bands true post punk imagery with big Comsat Angel drums and guitar phrases filled out with bass lines that pop and break into danceable swatches of colour. Throughout the album there are glimpses of Killing Joke, Duran Duran, The Cure, the Chameleons and Comsat Angels. The band move gracefully between their influences, never too much of one to overpower the other, finding their developing sound in ways similar to The Passions on Michael & Miranda.

Two final singles released by Polydor in 1983 Time and Dark Crash signalled the end of the recording deal with no sign of a follow up album until 1985. Eventually splitting up in 1986 Chris Oldroyd went on to join Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Chris Whitaker joined Danse Society.

All the rips are taken from blogs long ago where the files are no longer hosted. All are now in MP3 @ 320kbps with cover art taken from Discogs. I’ve listed the releases below in approximate date order starting with the début single The Human Factor.

The Human Factor 7” (Rage Records [Rage 1] 1980)
            A The Human Factor
            B Madness At The Mission

Fuel To The Fire 7” (Rage Records [Rage 2] 1981)
            A Fuel To The Fire
            B Debris

Switchback 7” (Polydor [POSP 464] 1982)
            A Switchback
            B I Recall


Into The Rain LP (Polydor [POLS 1070] 1982)
            A1 Light
            A2 Switchback
            A3 Nostalgia
            A4 Time
            A5 New Day
            B1 Lost Detail
            B2 Winterscene
            B3 Aim To Life
            B4 Warehouse
            B5 Underworld

Light 12” (Polydor [POSPX 533] 1982)
            A Light [Extended]
            B Nostalgia

Time 12” (Polydor [POSPX 553] 1983)
            A Time [Extended]
            B Slide [Extended]

 Dark Crash 12” (Polydor [POSPX 594] 1983)
            A Dark Crash
            B1 Urban Poison
            B2 Black Festival


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