Themes From Great Cities

It might have come to your attention that I'm not a regular poster of love and understanding, which you will just have to get used to. I will however, have bursts of creativity where I move completely randomly from post to post with no rhyme or reason. I have recently posted a few singles (7 & 12”) and the odd bootleg which have been received very well by all who visit. More of the same will continue as you, dear readers, seem to be enjoying them.

Some of the rips are my own, but many more are from other blogs and I’m just sharing the wealth. If other bloggers out there wish to share the rips from my posts, please as I do, host them yourself. To combat this, the FLAC files that are over 6 months old will be replaced with MP3 files.

Finally I am happy to re-up old posts where the link has expired. Please comment in the relevant posts comments box.



Another quick change, when posting 7” and 12” singles and EP’s you’ll be left to your own devices as to the style, content, or special features involved with that release. A significant number have been scoured from the interweb as I can’t be arsed at the moment to rip them myself so don’t complain if there’s noise, skips or pops…that’s the way it is until another version is found.
Finally, this is a fuckin’ (no G) awesome song from Death In Vegas featuring The Incredible Mr Iggy Pop on vocals.

Death In Vegas; Aisha

1.      Aisha
2.      Flying (Live)
3.      Luther’s Funk