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New Forms Of Beauty

A New Form of Beauty stands as one of most audacious projects in pop history, even if the mainstream of popular culture has no idea who the Virgin Prunes are, or that they existed in the first place. New Form of Beauty, Pts. 1-4 represents early, pre-debut-LP offerings from Ireland's Virgin Prunes, a band that grew up alongside U2 -- in fact, vocalist Gavin Friday would often finish sets for Bono when he couldn't go the distance. The project was conceived in seven original parts, only four were ever released. New Form of Beauty captures very closely the controlled and often anarchic art damage that the band was doing in a live setting early on. Industrial sounds wrapped around more conventional guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard trappings, singers Gavin Friday and Guggi were both outrageously androgynous, utterly captivating frontmen. Collected here, via Mute, in wonderfully remastered CD form, are the original 7", 10" and 12" singles and the full-length cassette releases. Only "Sweethome Under White Clouds" (in a different version) ended up in the band's later catalogue. Basically, this is the sound of tension, intensity, off-the-rails eroticism, pagan spirituality, and an utterly twisted sense of the perverse as wrapped into a post-punk aesthetic. The band's influences range wide and far from folk songs to Throbbing Gristle to the dynamics of bands like Joy Division, PIL, and even Germany's Can, though the Prunes' sonic approach was utterly unique. It is nocturnal always, often nightmarish, like the nether soundtrack to a carnival sideshow, it is, to borrow from Jean Dubuffett, art brut , outsider art of high poetic and aesthetic quality even when it is falling apart. Highly recommended not just for its excess, but its achievement as well. 

Ripped from the Mute Records CD reissue to FLAC (and MP3 upon request)

Virgin Prunes; A New Form Of Beauty

1.      Sandpaper Lullabye
2.      Sleep Fantasy Dreams
3.      Come To Daddy
4.      Sweet Home Under White Clouds
5.      Sad World
6.      Beast
7.      Abbagal
8.      Brain Damage
9.      No Birds To Fly
10.   Din Glorious