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Into The Known

Reflecting back on the 1980’s, it’s easy to rattle off a seemingly never-ending list of Australian bands who rode high on commercial success throughout the decade – both nationally and internationally: INXS, Midnight Oil, Men At Work, Icehouse, Divinyls, Australian Crawl, etc …
It’s equally easy to rattle off those bands who snubbed their nose at the commercial excess that littered the decade, instead achieving critical acclaim that has stayed with them over subsequent decades: The Go-Betweens, Triffids, Birthday Party, etc …

Then there are those bands that never quite fitted into either camp releasing quality material over an extended period, gaining a reputation for passionate, memorable live shows at the time but never quite transferring those achievements into an enduring legacy that would make them household names. The Celibate Rifles, Church and Died Pretty all fit this mold.
What you will find on this collection are 16 reasons that suggest if the cards had fallen a little differently, then Ron Peno & Brett Myers may well have been able to lay claim to being more than just the leaders of a band with a “cult following”. Certainly, the quality of songwriting on display is extraordinarily high throughout - particularly on the selections taken from their most well-known albums: 'Free Dirt' & 'Doughboy Hollow'. But what really makes this collection worth hunting down is the picture it paints of a band that was constantly evolving. From the early days where psychedelic rave-ups like ‘Desperate Hours’ were the norm, to the more sweeter sounding latter-day singles such as ‘Harness Up’, it illustrates that in the end, the band were able to achieve the right balance that sought to utilize Ron Peno’s vocal intensity in a manner that tried not to alienate those potential listeners who just weren’t prepared for that sought of intensity all of the time.
While the absence of classic early single ‘Mirror Blues’ is noteworthy, it could be argued that if you want to delve that deeply, then you just really need to pick up 'Free Dirt' and be done with it. What is here does the job of providing a fine introduction to one of Sydney’s forgotten bands. As such, if you are keen to become part of the “cult following” but just aren’t quite sure how to do it, then this collection may well be what you need to start your conversion!

Died Pretty had been something of an ill-fated band, for whom lasting commercial success proved elusive. Forming in Sydney in 1983, they topped the alternative Australian charts with singles such as Out of the Unknown, Mirror Blues, Stoneage Cinderella and Everybody Moves. The band made eight albums, including Doughboy Hollow, which debuted the band in the Australian Top 20 charts in 1991, and is regarded as an Australian classic. Its successor, Trace, yielded the band's best-selling single, Harness Up.

The band's run at international success after signing with Sony/Columbia, however, was beset by woes. After being dropped by the major label in 1996, Died Pretty returned to Citadel Records, the influential Sydney-based independent label they called home, along with contemporaries such as the Screaming Tribesmen, the New Christs and the Lime Spiders.

"Died Pretty should have been a hell of a lot more commercially successful than they were," says Citadel founder John Needham, who also managed them from day one. "They just didn't have the luck."

Ripped from a very very unknown source to glorious MP3 @ 320kbps

Died Pretty; Out Of The Unknown- The Very Best Of ... 

1.     Desperate Hours
2.     Blue Sky Day
3.     Life To Go
4.     Final Twist
5.     Stoneage Cinderella
6.     Winterland
7.     Springenfall
8.     Everybody Moves
9.     Whitlam Square
10. D.C.
11.Harness Up
13. Godbless
14. Stops 'n' Starts
15. Good At Love
16. Radio

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