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I will also say now that some of the outstanding music already available to sample will be reaching their 30 days without a click threshold, where by they're deleted by the host.

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Ronnie Recent

Scavengers and Marching Girls

Though now primarily known for his quiet introspective work with Dead Can Dance, Brendan Perry's first musical forays were in a markedly different style. In 1977, Perry was a leading member of New Zealand’s punk rock band The Scavengers, working under the pseudonym of Ronnie Recent. The band was formed in 1976 at Auckland Technical Institute by graphic design students Ken Cooke, Simon Monroe, Mike Simons and Marlon Hartas, under the name The 1B Darlings. They were heavily influenced by British R&B, glam rock and '60s US garage rock. In 1977, they renamed themselves The Scavengers and gave themselves punk stage names (Cooke as Johnny Volume, Monroe as Des Truction, Simons as Mike Lezbian and Hart as Mal Lcious). Their style mutated in the direction of the US punk rock and proto-punk acts. In late 1977, bassist Hart left to be replaced by Brendan Perry, who performed under the stage name "Ronnie Recent". In March 1978, they began a residency at Zwines, a new Auckland punk club. Simons soon left (inspiring their signature song "Mysterex"), and Perry moved to vocals.

In 1979, the band moved to Melbourne and changed its name to The Marching Girls. Perry was to leave the band in 1981 after the release of their début single “True Love”, to pursue a different direction with house mate Lisa Gerrard who was the vocalist with another Melbourne band Microfilm

The Scavengers are regarded as New Zealand's equivalent of Buzzcocks, with the Perry co-penned song "Mysterex" regarded as one of the country's best and most distinctive punk rock singles. The Marching Girls actually reached the New Zealand singles charts in 1981 with their single "True Love." Two Scavengers tracks appeared on the 1978 Ripper compilation AK79 and a posthumous album was released on CD in 2003. The 2014 Record Store Day red vinyl re-issue of The Scavengers album with additional Marching Girls tracks reached No7 on the New Zealand charts.

Taken here from the deleted 2003 CD release along with the Pop Aural release of the début single from The Marching Girls ripped to MP3 @ 320kbps

Scavengers - Scavengers
01.  Mysterex
02.  Born To Bullshit
03.  True Love
04.  Twentyone
05.  Brick In The Wall
06.  Money In The Bank
07.  Routine
08.  Supported By The State
09.  Violence
10.  Mysterex (Alternative Version)

Marching Girls – 1
A.      True Love
B.      First In Line