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It might have come to your notice that I'm not a regular poster of love and understanding, which you'll just kinda have to get used to. I will however, now and again, have bursts of creativity and if it was to please the massed hordes, who chose to visit this insignificant page, to supply some input on the direction and type of music you would like to sample (before going out and buying yourself a copy) this little communication will not have been in vain.

I will also say now that some of the outstanding music already available to sample will be reaching their 30 days without a click threshold, where by they're deleted by the host.

Many thanks for reading this far...and please feel free to interact.




Big In Japan formed in late 1977 in Liverpool around guitarist Bill Drummond and several short-lived line-ups that finally settled down around vocalist Jayne Casey, guitarist Ian Broudie, bassist Holly Johnson, and drummer Budgie. Violently theatrical, the band was dividing opinions almost from the moment it emerged, with Casey and Johnson particularly prone to flamboyance. Local producer Clive Langer was a firm friend and fan, he produced the band's first single Big In Japan, a split 7” released on the local Eric's label in September 1977 with a track by the Yachts, under their Chuddy Nuddies alias, on the B-side. During their brief time, Big In Japan recorded four songs which eventually became the From Y to Z and Never Again EP, released after their demise to pay off debts. The unintentional consequence of the EP was the formation of the Zoo Record label.

Big In Japan also recorded a Peel Session on 12 February 1979, with a line-up of Casey, Broudie, Johnson and Budgie; the session was broadcast on 6 March 1979. Big In Japan left a recorded legacy of seven songs: one on a single, four on their EP From Y to Z and Never Again, and two further tracks released on Liverpool compilations. All seven tracks plus the three Peel Session tracks are presented here. Please note that this is not an official release.

Big In Japan were a supergroup with a difference - its members only became super after they left.


A1. Match Of The Day (Instrumental)
A2. Nothing Special
A3. Cindy And The Barbi Dolls
A4. Suicide A Go-Go
A5. Taxi
B1. Suicide High-Life
B2. Goodbye
B3. Don't Bomb China Now
B4. S.C.U.M. (Society for Cutting Up Men)
B5. Big In Japan

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