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It might have come to your notice that I'm not a regular poster of love and understanding, which you'll just kinda have to get used to. I will however, now and again, have bursts of creativity and if it was to please the massed hordes, who chose to visit this insignificant page, to supply some input on the direction and type of music you would like to sample (before going out and buying yourself a copy) this little communication will not have been in vain.

I will also say now that some of the outstanding music already available to sample will be reaching their 30 days without a click threshold, where by they're deleted by the host.

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Gang of Four were a pop band. Their funk was no less stark or forbidding and they certainly weren't as twitchy, speedy, or noisy as James Brown at his most energized. Their great innovation (Andy Gill's Morse Code guitar) is post-punk's most ripped-off idea after badly played disco drums. They had attitude, energy, the big beat, skilled players and a handy way with a catch phrase. Sounds like pop to me.
Entertainment! IS one of those records where germs of influence can be traced through many genres and countless bands, both favourably and unfavourably. Its funky rhythmic twitch, its pungent guitar and its spoken/shouted vocals have all been picked up by many. Lyrically, the album was apart from many of the day, and it still is. It's nearly psychedelic, which is something post-punk and new wave were never known for. With a slight death rattle and plodding bass rumble, Jon King equates love with disease. In the background, Andy Gill speaks in monotone of why Gang of Four don't do love songs. Subversive records of any ilk don't get any stronger, more influential, or exciting than this.

Taken from the 2005 remastered and expanded release including the Yellow EP* and addition alternate versions. Plus for you audiophiles I have included as a bonus file the début EP on Fast Product Damaged Goods.

Track list
1.       Ether
2.       Natural’s Not In It
3.       Not Great Men
4.       Damaged Goods
5.       Return The Gift
6.       Guns Before Butter
7.       I Found That Essence Rare
8.       Glass
9.       Contract
10.   At Home He’s A Tourist
11.   5-45
12.   Anthrax
13.   Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time *
14.   He’d Send In The Army*
15.   It’s Her Factory*
16.   Armalite Rifle*
17.   Guns Before Butter (Alternate Version)
18.   Contract (Alternate Version)
19.   Blood Free (Live)
20.   Sweet Jane (Live)

Damaged Goods EP Track List
1.       Damaged Goods
2.       Armalite Rifle
3.       Love Like Anthrax

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