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They didn't play encores. They were a bit existential. They were dark. They wore suits. And they never recorded anything with saxophones.
Josef K were formed in Edinburgh in 1979, originally as TV Art, by Paul Haig (guitar/vocals), Ronnie Torrance (drums), Malcolm Ross (guitar/vocals/violin/keyboards) and their ex-roadie David Weddell (bass) replacing original bassist Gary McCormack. The band all knew each other from the city’s Firrhill High School. They took the name from the main character of Franz Kafka’s novel “The Trial”.
Their first release “Chance Meeting” / “Romance” (ABS 1) was the first, and only, single on Steven Daly’s Absolute Records label in December 1979. The band then signed to Alan Horne’s Postcard Records, joining Orange Juice, the Go-Betweens and Aztec Camera on their roster - becoming a key component in “The Sound of Young Scotland”. They released just five critically acclaimed singles and one album on the label during 1980 and 1981.
Strong “post-punk” scenes developed in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, but Josef K never felt marginalised by not being in Glasgow, though there were differences in the sounds that emerged. "Glasgow bands were more jangly and influenced by west coast Americana," recalls Haig. "In Edinburgh, it was definitely darker. There wasn't any sense of competition between the cities, though."
The band’s début album “Sorry For Laughing” was recorded during 1980 at Castle Sound Studios in Pencaitland near Edinburgh. It was shelved as they were unhappy with the album’s production and only a handful of promo/white label copies exist. They returned to the studio, this time in Belgium, and recorded “The Only Fun In Town” in two days.
The original “Sorry For Laughing” album has since been released on a CD re-issue of “The Only Fun In Town”

Taken from the 1990 compilation released on Les Temp Modernes Records (LTMCD 2305)

Track List
The Only Fun In Town:
01. Fun N' Frenzy
02. Revelation
03. Crazy To Exist
04. It's Kinda Funny
05. The Angle
06. Forever Drone
07. Heart Of Song
08. 16 Years
09. Citizens
10. Sorry For Laughing

Sorry For Laughing:
11. Fun N' Frenzy
12. Heads Watch
13. Drone
14. Sense Of Guilt
15. Art Of Things
16. Crazy To Exist
17. Citizens
18. Variation Of Scene
19. Terry's Show Lies
20. No Glory
21. Endless Soul
22. Sorry For Laughing

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